Lean Management – core idea

Lean Management means “Creating values without waste”. The aim is to optimally coordinate all activities that are necessary for value creation, while avoiding superfluous activities (waste, in Japanese “muda”). For this purpose, it is necessary to review and improve the existing system from two perspectives: from the client viewpoint, whose wishes regarding availability, individuality, quality and price are to be fulfilled as closely as possible, and from the viewpoint of the company itself, which must function profitably and improve is competitiveness.

This results in processes with a high client orientation.


This results in processes with a high client orientation, as the targeted and flexible fulfilling of the client wishes is the basis for economic work and high efficiency. Exact process definitions and interface descriptions, clear responsibilities, fast reactions to errors and simple organisation methods lead to stable processes, which result in high quality products.

Source: Wikipedia


Lean Management for De Martin AG includes the following points in particular:

  • Constant scrutiny of all standard processes
  • Internal and external workshops on specific subjects
  • Departmental 5S events
  • Internal campaigns on current topics
  • Consistent implementation and verification of all measures from the workshops, 5S events and lean projects



Constant improvement and simplification of the processes, with the aim of improving productivity. This is the current focus of our workshops.


5S project

In the context of our lean management, we are conducting the 5S project in the whole company. 5S means:


Its advantages:

  • Consistent ordering & standards
  • Good overview and transparency
  • Free areas
  • Waste reduction
  • Careful handling of aids
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased reproducibility
  • Error reduction
  • Increase of work motivation
  • Increase of work safety



Lean projects

Be lean – remain fit. This is our approach to consistently answering our clients’ requirements. Lean projects are processed in short intervals in our company.


Some examples:

  • Company-wide value flow analysis
  • Process analyses of our most important products
  • External lean trainings
  • Goods flow analyses


We will be glad to answer any requests for more information.