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Company vacations Christmas and New Year

Our company will be closed for public holidays from December 23, 2023 until January 7, 2024. We are happy to be back for you from 8 January 2024. (Last delivery on December 22, 2023)


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

28. Fakuma | 17. to 21. Oktober 2023 | Messe Friedrichshafen

Visit us in hall B at booth number 2121

The 28th Fakuma, international trade fair for plastics processing, is eagerly awaited by all industry players. This is because the world's leading trade fair for the injection molding industry promises new impetus in many areas. The trade show highlight is considered a technology barometer for the topics of extrusion technology, thermoforming and 3D printing.

We will present our innovations BORDEM EVO, BORDEM EVODUR and BORDEM EVODUR BC. Come and visit us!

The De Martin team is looking forward to your visit in hall B at booth no. 2121.


Joachim Buk new Managing Director of NovoPlan GmbH and De Martin GmbH

On November 1, Joachim Buk took over as Managing Director of NovoPlan GmbH in Aalen and De Martin GmbH in Neustadt / Aisch. Both companies belong to the De Martin Group.

Joachim, 54 years old, duly succeeds Thomas De Martin, who will focus on strategic tasks, the group management and as CEO of De Martin AG.  
Joachim Buk holds a degree in surface engineering and materials science and has proven, in-depth and long-standing experience in surface engineering in the field of functional coatings. 

We are looking forward to a successful cooperation. 


New fire alarm system put into operation

For the protection of our employees and production facilities, a new fire alarm system was put into operation in the entire plant in Wängi.

The fire alarm system monitors smoke and heat development by means of radio-supported detectors. The location where the fire alarm was triggered can be read on the respective fire alarm control panels. The alarm is also routed to the staff's telephones via the new alarm server. This ensures quick information and immediate action.

Furthermore, the new alarm server directs all faults in production and support facilities to the respective employees in charge, so that major damage or prolonged downtime of the facilities can be avoided through quick action.

Monitor and act quickly - so that we are always there for our customers in the future!

Click here to see the video clip.

- Aiko Klinder, Head of Technical Service & Quality Support

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The apprenticeship as a milestone in lifelong learning

An apprenticeship at De Martin AG is not only an entry into the exciting world of work, but also a milestone in lifelong learning.

Future skilled workers need an apprenticeship and appropriate supervision to learn their profession. We are therefore proud that we are currently training a total of 8 apprentices in the commercial and surface coating areas. 

Apprentices have a huge potential. During their apprenticeship, they have an insight into many different areas of the company and they continue to develop professionally and personally. For this reason, we offer apprenticeship graduates a job whenever possible. We see this as a win-win situation for both parties.

Even after completing an apprenticeship, the ongoing expansion of knowledge and experience is part of lifelong learning. We consider the internal and external training and further education of our employees to be an important instrument for securing the demand for specialists and managers. 

Click here to see the video clip.

- Karin Koller, CFO

Eavesdropping through canvas

The structure follows the strategy - Sales

Communication is key - that's how partnership works!

We do more than our TOP shift systems. Cost optimization, convenience, time savings and security are just a few value propositions that become visible for you through our sales team.

In customer service, progress is needed. Our drive to excellence, are your requirements. To understand the variety of products from different areas we are ready to go the "extra mile". We take the initiative and demand interaction with our customers.

The result? The customer journey improves noticeably when our expert employees can concentrate on the core tasks while finishing your components with our coating systems. 

Tell our sales team your concerns and we guarantee you the interface to the "order processing" within the operation! 

What do you expect from us?

What is especially important to you?

What is important to you?

⇒ Inform us


- Thomas Fry, Sales & Marketing Manager

Employees Order Processing

The structure follows the strategy - "Order Processing" at De Martin AG

We want to be the leading partner in functional surface technology.

This is the vision that guides our corporate strategy.

In addition to the coating processes, transport and storage, all process-specific work in production, quoting, and the support of our customers and projects play a decisive role.  

In order to continue to fulfill and continuously improve our position as a leading partner, we have simplified and optimized the communication channels for you by creating the Order Processing division.
The area is embedded within Operation and combines logistics with all tasks of order processing, offer management and project management.

With this structural adjustment to a "single point of contact", all threads relating to the operational business come together. 
This guarantees a fast, competent and goal-oriented flow of information and has created an optimal interface to Sales.

Should process-specific questions arise, we are able to work out and offer a suitable solution for you thanks to our experienced colleagues within our production departments.

In the next newsletter on the topic "The structure follows the strategy", the interface to Sales will become visible for the customer.


- Klaus Zimmermann, COO


Surfaces with fingerprint

Every successful manufacturer knows the problem - plagiarism and product counterfeiting.

The resulting economic damage for manufacturers and users is considerable and manifold. There are many reasons why it is necessary to apply a marking or a unique fingerprint to a component in order to prevent this damage or to make a plagiarism recognizable. Whether it is protection against plagiarism and brand protection, proof of origin or marking for application, unique marking of metallic components often creates significant added value.

Technical solutions for such markings exist in many forms, but often the durability of this marking in the operating environment of the component is of particular importance. Most technical anti-counterfeiting solutions cannot withstand these often very harsh conditions. The incorporation of an appropriate marking in or on a corresponding functional coating represents an efficient way of obtaining this additional benefit. Thus, the component is not only protected against corrosion or wear, but also carries a permanent identifying or tamper-proof marking.

Depending on the complexity of the coating system and the requirements, identification is provided optically, using simple analytical methods or even electronically with portable or permanently installed devices.

Have we aroused your interest? Contact us at +41 52 369 70 63 or by e-mail, we would be pleased to offer you an attractive solution.

- Dr.-Ing. Orlaw Massler, Head of Research & Innovation

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CERODEM® - a look at our thin film portfolio

In addition to electroplated and chemical coatings, we also offer a selection of physically deposited coatings.

These are thin coatings, usually 2-4µm layer thickness, produced by PVD / PACVD process (Physical Vapor Deposition / Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition) under high vacuum, at temperatures below 200°C.

These coatings are characterized by excellent wear resistance and high hardness (approx. 1500-2500 HV). Typical representatives here are CrN (chromium nitride), CrC (chromium carbide), WCH and DLC (diamond like carbon) coatings. The latter can also be specially modified by doping with additional elements.

By selecting the appropriate coating type and process parameters, it is possible to influence the protection against adhesive and abrasive wear, hardness, maximum operating temperature or the demolding behavior of plastics ("adhesion or non-adhesion").

In targeted combination with galvanic or chemical coating systems, our so-called "hybrid coatings", even higher load-bearing capacities on softer base materials and/or better corrosion protection can be achieved while retaining all the other advantages of this coating technology as a topcoat.

As usual, it is also worth taking a look at our Coating Guide "Valentino". In addition to all specifications, applications and areas of use, you will find the contact details of the person responsible for these applications - we will be happy to answer your questions.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact me on +41 52 369 70 03 or via E-Mail.

- Dennis Arnhold, Project Manager, Technical Sales

Mitarbeiter chemisch Nickel

Energy turnaround with tin coatings on track

Future developments in the field of energy system transformation, such as energy storage, fuel cells and batteries, depend on intelligent and stable power supply systems. For this purpose, electrical contacts must be soldered together and intact circuits must be ensured.

Tin layers have very good electrical conductivity and solderability. In combination with their high ductility and self-lubricating properties, they are therefore ideally suited for current-carrying components and plug connections. In addition to busbars and bus bars, the coatings have established themselves in numerous other applications in the electrical and electronics industry. In this context we can of course also offer the combination with an electroless nickel layer as a diffusion barrier. This prevents the whisker formation of tin layers on busbars, which often leads to short circuits.

In addition, tin layers are also used in the food industry - e.g. in cans - due to their food compatibility and high chemical resistance.

The components can be coated in both barrel and rack processes. We are able to refine the common industrial metals and especially copper or aluminium alloys fully automatically. 

- Sebastian Holl, Head of Analytics

Public Holidays

Our company an production is closed over Xmas and new year 2023/2024

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A dynamic and leading company for high-quality functional surfaces

With the process developed in the Center for Surface Technology, we offer our partners an extensive portfolio of high-quality functional surfaces. We answer the task definitions, which are usually challenging, and the high expectations of the industry regarding quality and specialisation with an above-average dynamism. As a leading company in the field of functional surfaces in central Europe, we are proud of that which we have already achieved. However, the new challenges that are raised every day by our partners encourage us to move into the future, which we are glad to do.

Technological leader thanks to the De Martin Center for Surface Technology® and unique hybrid coatings

In a very conservative and cost-oriented market, we have a position of technological leaders. This is based on our extensive experience on the front lines of the construction of a company-internal development department, the De Martin Material Laboratory, along with investments in modern, automated production and research facilities. This made it possible to create unique skills in the field of hybrid coatings.

The De Martin Center for Surface Technology gathers together the entire knowledge about functional surface coating. We offer our partners analysis skills for verifications, research and development.

Thanks to the De Martin Academy, we continually train our employees further. This guarantees that knowledge and skills within the company are kept up to date. Our team is the key to outstanding performance and innovative developments.

Prospective market maker for the value-generating coating market

The unique solutions developed by the De Martin Center for Surface Technology in the field of functional surfaces are widely unknown on the market. We want to demonstrate and prove the value-generating advantages to our partners and clients. We therefore gladly invite you to discover our developments and the associated economic and ecological advantages.

Extraordinary client and solution orientation, as well as partner behaviour in all of our actions

As an entrepreneurial company, we believe that we know what our partners appreciate about us aside from our products and services. We are constantly searching for pragmatic decisions and creative solutions and we are truly prepared to go the extra mile. We thus create the basis for a trust-based and cooperative relationship, that can overcome crises if needed. As owner and CEO, Thomas De Martin takes pragmatic and fast decisions, which allows individual client solutions and a high degree of goodwill and comprehension, even in the event of a mishap. His behaviour is an example for the entire De Martin team and thus serves as a model for the company culture. This cooperative and solution-oriented company culture extends across the entire value creation chain: from the joint development with the client to the goodwill and honesty in the event of error rectifications.

Top quality, reliability and efficiency for all applications and oriented according to the client

The clients of a Swiss company expect the highest quality, reliability and efficiency. Along with our employees, our modern, industrialised plants with automated facilities ensure the necessary efficiency in order to relativize the Swiss pay level. Along with a strong and long-lasting process comprehension of the entire workforce, we are committed to the production site of Wängi in the canton of Thurgau.

The company-internal logistics department offers short and fast transport times. At the same time, it increases reliability and reduces nasty surprises and transport damages.

Extensive services and interface skills for the optimal integration in the prolonged workbench

Along with our core activity, coating, we offer our partners many individualised additional services. We thus provide our clientele with competition advantages through the improvement of their own products. This is conducted for example through analysis, counselling or individual developments. In addition, we would like to allow efficient value creation chains through BTO or with additional work on the part. Our extended solutions are sometimes an obligatory component of a product certification, for which we are glad to lend a hand.

An extremely reliable Swiss family company, founded in 1947

De Martin has provided functional surfaces in Hinterthurgau for more than 70 years and three generations. This tradition ensures that we are committed to acting conscientiously and innovatively towards our employees and partners on a daily basis. We know that such solidity is not to be taken for granted, we therefore consciously implement our tradition as a Swiss family-run company in our company culture. We are proud to have successfully overcome generation changes and sector crises. We create trust through clear ambitions and a long-term horizon in company decisions. 

A competitive price position that is fair for the performance level

We know that purchasers in our sector regularly test offers and must optimise conditions. A competitive price position is therefore indispensable. Even when opportunities arise where clients become dependent for short periods, we consciously refuse to make opportunistic, short-term profits and prefer to offer fair prices that correspond to the performance level, even in these cases. We see these situations as opportunities for long-term partnerships.

Owner values, attractive and reliable employer with a company-internal surface training centre

The entire workforce knows the values of De Martin AG and acts accordingly. We are proud of these values and they motivate use to decisively contribute to the success of the company. We offer exciting, challenging and long-term employment relationships, we expect however diligence, commitment and ambitions in return. We are aware of our social responsibility in the region and actively contribute to it. We educate trainees and train the existing employees in the De Martin Academy. 

We are a partner in the following sectors

Medical technology

Implants & trauma, medical devices, orthopaedic instruments

Energy & Electronics

Semiconductors, power electrics, wind power, solar, transform, alternative drives


Rotor spinning, ring spinning, airspinning, man-made fibers, components

Machine construction

Plastics processing, printing machines, special machinery, linear technology, machine tools, fastening technology, packaging


Automotive, e-mobility, racing, rail industry, aerospace, defense technology, ship & heavy load, leisure mobility

Moulds & tools

Closing caps, medical moulds, heating pipes, punching and fine blanking, cold forming, plastic extrusion, other tools

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