Our know-how for innovative products! We offer our sound material and technological knowledge to conduct innovation projects and for the target-appropriate implementation of analytical methods for qualitative and quantitative material characterisation.


Close collaboration and cooperation with our network of specialists will often provide you with a new viewpoint regarding your problem.


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Dr.-Ing. Orlaw Massler

Head of Research & Innovation

T +41 52 369 70 63

In the event of damage investigations, all possibilities are exploited in order to discover the original cause of the damage. This means a complex interaction between the many different verification procedures and of course the extensive experience of our engineers and material testers.

In the DML material laboratory, we see ourselves as service providers, partners and a prolonged workbench in the field of material investigations and for coating technology verifications.

  • Structure and surface investigations
  • Damage analyses
  • Assessments
  • Coating characterisations
  • Tribological system investigations
  • Ambulatory investigations
  • Cost-optimised analyses

With our own laboratory, we are able to support our customers with regard to their questions without delay, in a focused and skilled way.

  • Materialography, structure evaluation
  • Light microscopy
  • Electron microscopy
  • Material analysis EDX/XRF
  • Hardness measurement (Rockwell, micro hardness, Knoop, nanoindentation)
  • Hardness profiles (for ex. Case hardening, nitrification)
  • Tactile roughness
  • Coating thickness measurement
  • Adhesion assessment
  • Scratch test
  • Friction and wear - tribology
    • Ball on Disc, ASTM G99, rotating or oscillating
    • Cylinder-Cylinder
    • Dry/lubricated
    • Hand wear
  • Ambulatory laboratory

We work in a team-oriented and cooperative way on innovation projects and provide client training sessions on surface technology topics.


  • System counselling for surface technology and tribology
  • Surface technology innovation projects 
  • Training sessions and client seminars on surface technology