Learning is like rowing upstream. When you stop, you start sliding backwards.


The De Martin Academy serves to qualify the employees in all areas of coating technology and thus to help them share and use their own know-how.

But the institution also aims to provide targeted client training in the field of technological basics, application knowledge and coating-appropriate construction.

We believe that we gather experience, but it is experience that makes us who we are.

E. Ionesco

We provide practical client seminars, for constructors, quality technicians, purchasers, tool builders and engineers in Wängi or on-site in the client companies. 

In our “coating-appropriate construction” client seminars, you will learn how to effectively use our coatings and therefore how to significantly reduce costs. With a participant limit of max. 6-10 persons, we can target the specific requirements of the participants.



  • Overview of various coating technologies (galvanisation, chem. coating, PVD)
  • Which coating for which function?
  • What does a coating-appropriate part look like?
  • How can costs be reduced through coating-appropriate construction?


Target audience

  • Developers, constructors, quality, procurement, work preparation, management



  • Approx. 5-8 participants
  • Free participation
  • Seminar location Wängi TG


  • Coating processes and application areas
    • Galvanisation
    • Chemical coating/dispersion coating
    • PVD
    • Hybrid
  • Coating-appropriate construction
  • Choice of coating
  • Measurement technology
  • Company tour
  • Possibility of discussion concrete application cases
  • Further areas of interest can be agreed upon
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Dr.-Ing. Orlaw Massler

Head of Research & Innovation

T +41 52 369 70 63