Our vision

Our mission

Our values



We want to be the leading partner in the sector of functional surface technology.



We create long-lasting relationships with our clients, employees and partners and implement everything necessary in order to contribute to their success, by supporting them with our innovative projects and services.



Client orientation

We collaborate with our clients and understand their requirements. It is our job to find appropriate solutions for our clients. Your demands are our drive.



We are more than just a service provider: we want to be a partner for our clients. We are interested in a long and sustainable relationship, so that we can offer our clients the best possible support at all times and at any location.


Innovative spirit

We develop through creativity and innovative spirit. Our product and service portfolio is constantly being improved and extended in order to fulfil the requirements of a dynamic market environment



We have particular consideration for quality and execution in all of our processes, as our clients expect the best performance and precision. We are fully committed to fulfilling these expectations and to being present on the market with quality that is reproducible at any time, on all levels.




Our responsibility


Ecological responsibility

De Martin works in and environmentally friendly and sustainable way – in the equal interests of the company, the employees and the general public. This self-concept applies to all areas of the company.


Economic responsibility

We pursue a long-term success strategy and strive to maintain healthy growth. For this purpose, we invest a significant part of our revenue in the further development of our processes, in high-performing facilities and in the education and training of our employees.


Social responsibility

Our employees constitute the basis of our success. Our employees demonstrate integrity, respect, trust and tolerance towards the individual.