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Structured Chrome BOOST® layers from the hybrid construction kit

Structured surfaces are very attractive because of their tribological possibilities. These chrome-based coatings Chrome BOOST® offer more than just wear protection and friction control, which makes them very popular with many customers.

The surfaces consist of a fine spherical structure with a sphere size of 1-3µm. The basic hardness of this coating is 1000-1200 HV. Hardnesses between 600 and 1300 can be achieved on request by specific process selection.

The main area of application for such coatings is in tribological applications in the low-lubrication range of applications in many different industries.

All the more extraordinary possibilities are offered when the Chrome BOOST® base layer is combined with other value-adding processes in surface technology. These can be:

° The combination with galvanic or chemical base layers to achieve special corrosion properties or load bearing capacity.

° Hard, highly wear-resistant DLC top layers to further increase dry friction and surface hardness.

° Special fine polishes to increase the load carrying capacity and create the finest lubricant channels.

° Ti- and Al-based PVD toplayers to specifically influence the adhesion behaviour to plastics or elastomers.

The deposition of galvanic Chrome BOOST® coatings is still possible in Switzerland (in contrast to the EU) with reliable delivery, which reduces a great deal of risk for the corresponding security of supply.

De Martin AG has been a leading supplier in the field of chemical, galvanic, dispersion, PVD and PACVD coatings for many years. The spectrum here ranges from individual part coating to high-volume serial coating in many areas of industry. The steadily increasing demand for the various technologies and hybrids has been met by targeted investment in new technologies and continuous further development. De Martin AG believes in innovation as a driver for customer success.

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Surface Chrome BOOST®


Fine structure pearl chrome

Electroless Nickel-PTFE - Coatings on the rise

The incorporation of PTFE particles in electroless nickel layers offers more than just low friction coefficients. The unique advantages of this coating system are being recognized by more and more customers.

PTFE particles in electroless nickel layers act as a dry lubricant, ensuring low coefficients of friction even in the event of insufficient lubrication or the complete absence of conventional lubricants. In addition, the coatings are characterized by an extremely low surface energy, which explains their pronounced anti-adhesive properties. The use of electroless nickel as the carrier layer ensures an absolutely contour-true coating even with complex geometries as well as good wear and corrosion resistance.
These coating systems are used in a variety of applications, for example in plastics processing, the automotive industry and mechanical engineering.
De Martin AG has been a leading supplier in the field of PTFE coatings for years. The spectrum here ranges from the coating of individual parts to series coating with several million components / year. The steadily increasing demand has been met by the commissioning of an additional coating tank; a further expansion of the coating capacities is planned for 2020.

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COVID-19 – Status

The coronavirus has the world under control and has a massive impact on our everyday life. The well-being of our society and our employees is paramount.

Our production processes run without restrictions and all contact persons are available. There are no restrictions in terms of delivery dates or production capacities.

We make every effort to reduce the risk of infection in our company to an absolute minimum. For this reason, we have implemented a comprehensive package of measures which is constantly being expanded.

In essence, the following instructions for conduct apply:

° We strictly comply with the directives of the FOEN and SECO
° We refrain from any physical contact, especially shaking hands
° We keep our distance to each other "Social Distancing"
° Our shift teams are completely separated from each other, there is no physical shift handover
° All employees are divided into 3 colour codes, the different teams are completely isolated from each other
° All employees are trained in the FOEN guidelines and instructions of conduct with proof of
° Employees with symptoms of illness do not show up at work or are sent home immediately
° Chauffeurs are only allowed to stay in the entrance area
° All doors to the production areas are closed. Bells have been installed at the entrances to the logistics areas

We are convinced that these measures will help to reduce the risk of transmission.

Our youngest family member "Valentino"

De Martin AG has a new member - Valentino, our "Coating Guide". Named after the founder of the company, Valentino helps you to find the right coating. This unique tool also offers you various helpful additional functions which you can use comfortably.

Click here to get to Valentino - don't forget to download the app!


We hope you enjoy trying it out.

Warehouse extension for the disposal of general cargo

In order to simplify the handling of goods for the disposal of general cargo, we have had a hazardous materials container for the temporary storage of 12 pieces 1000 L -IBC for some time now.
This simplifies the handling of goods and we can save a lot of time.

We also have a better overview of when and how much must be registered for the collection of hazardous materials. A further advantage is certainly that the truck can be loaded directly next to the container and therefore there are no long transport routes.

Structured Chrome BOOST® layers from the hybrid construction kit

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A dynamic and leading company for high-quality functional surfaces

With the process developed in the Center for Surface Technology, we offer our partners an extensive portfolio of high-quality functional surfaces. We answer the task definitions, which are usually challenging, and the high expectations of the industry regarding quality and specialisation with an above-average dynamism. As a leading company in the field of functional surfaces in central Europe, we are proud of that which we have already achieved. However, the new challenges that are raised every day by our partners encourage us to move into the future, which we are glad to do.

Technological leader thanks to the De Martin Center for Surface Technology® and unique hybrid coatings

In a very conservative and cost-oriented market, we have a position of technological leaders. This is based on our extensive experience on the front lines of the construction of a company-internal development department, the De Martin Material Laboratory, along with investments in modern, automated production and research facilities. This made it possible to create unique skills in the field of hybrid coatings.

The De Martin Center for Surface Technology gathers together the entire knowledge about functional surface coating. We offer our partners analysis skills for verifications, research and development.

Thanks to the De Martin Academy, we continually train our employees further. This guarantees that knowledge and skills within the company are kept up to date. Our team is the key to outstanding performance and innovative developments.

Prospective market maker for the value-generating coating market

The unique solutions developed by the De Martin Center for Surface Technology in the field of functional surfaces are widely unknown on the market. We want to demonstrate and prove the value-generating advantages to our partners and clients. We therefore gladly invite you to discover our developments and the associated economic and ecological advantages.

Extraordinary client and solution orientation, as well as partner behaviour in all of our actions

As an entrepreneurial company, we believe that we know what our partners appreciate about us aside from our products and services. We are constantly searching for pragmatic decisions and creative solutions and we are truly prepared to go the extra mile. We thus create the basis for a trust-based and cooperative relationship, that can overcome crises if needed. As owner and CEO, Thomas De Martin takes pragmatic and fast decisions, which allows individual client solutions and a high degree of goodwill and comprehension, even in the event of a mishap. His behaviour is an example for the entire De Martin team and thus serves as a model for the company culture. This cooperative and solution-oriented company culture extends across the entire value creation chain: from the joint development with the client to the goodwill and honesty in the event of error rectifications.

Top quality, reliability and efficiency for all applications and oriented according to the client

The clients of a Swiss company expect the highest quality, reliability and efficiency. Along with our employees, our modern, industrialised plants with automated facilities ensure the necessary efficiency in order to relativize the Swiss pay level. Along with a strong and long-lasting process comprehension of the entire workforce, we are committed to the production site of Wängi in the canton of Thurgau.

The company-internal logistics department offers short and fast transport times. At the same time, it increases reliability and reduces nasty surprises and transport damages.

Extensive services and interface skills for the optimal integration in the prolonged workbench

Along with our core activity, coating, we offer our partners many individualised additional services. We thus provide our clientele with competition advantages through the improvement of their own products. This is conducted for example through analysis, counselling or individual developments. In addition, we would like to allow efficient value creation chains through BTO or with additional work on the part. Our extended solutions are sometimes an obligatory component of a product certification, for which we are glad to lend a hand.

An extremely reliable Swiss family company, founded in 1947

De Martin has provided functional surfaces in Hinterthurgau for more than 70 years and three generations. This tradition ensures that we are committed to acting conscientiously and innovatively towards our employees and partners on a daily basis. We know that such solidity is not to be taken for granted, we therefore consciously implement our tradition as a Swiss family-run company in our company culture. We are proud to have successfully overcome generation changes and sector crises. We create trust through clear ambitions and a long-term horizon in company decisions. 

A competitive price position that is fair for the performance level

We know that purchasers in our sector regularly test offers and must optimise conditions. A competitive price position is therefore indispensable. Even when opportunities arise where clients become dependent for short periods, we consciously refuse to make opportunistic, short-term profits and prefer to offer fair prices that correspond to the performance level, even in these cases. We see these situations as opportunities for long-term partnerships.

Owner values, attractive and reliable employer with a company-internal surface training centre

The entire workforce knows the values of De Martin AG and acts accordingly. We are proud of these values and they motivate use to decisively contribute to the success of the company. We offer exciting, challenging and long-term employment relationships, we expect however diligence, commitment and ambitions in return. We are aware of our social responsibility in the region and actively contribute to it. We educate trainees and train the existing employees in the De Martin Academy. 

We are a partner in the following sectors

Medical technology

Implants & trauma, orthopaedic instruments, medical devices

Energy & Electronics

Switchboards, semiconductors, frequency inverters, low-voltage products, cable connection technology

Textile machine construction

Rotor spinning, ring spinning, wide and narrow textile industry, spinning installations for chemical fibres

Machine construction

Special machine construction, printing machines, production machinery, hydraulics, extrusion


Braking and gear systems, drive components, chassis suspension

Semiconductor industry

Connectivity, solderability, wear protection, corrosion protection, dry lubrication

Moulds & tools

Closing caps, medical moulds, heating pipes, repairs and size corrections


Vehicle technology, vehicle interior

Plants & apparatuses

Household devices & coffee machines, pressurised air aggregates, fittings & sanitary facilities

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